Great Mother Says

This is my very first post. Please don’t mind the mess. I’m doing my best to stay grounded as a channel of Great Mother innerGY (inner God You),  journaling like crazy, and in case you haven’t noticed on social media, I am now what they call an “over sharer” and loving it!

Great Mother speaks to us all the time whenever we intuit what divine beauteous, marvelous, gracious and splendid Spirit expressions we are. Since she has fully entered my consciousness, I have embraced my gifts as an inner work life coach, writer, sound therapist and creatrix of the Mama Drama Trauma Mystery School (at First Unity Church, St. Petersburg, FL).

Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) is the shadow side of the birth mother experience and causes many to have resistance to inner work.
Like Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz, Great Mother, is here to, among other things, inspires and guides us, like Dorothy, to self heal this profound tendency. Readers. clients, listeners, viewers and initiates may not have MDT, but they all have the support to lovingly integrate their shadow.
Many many wise women have helped me on my journey reframe my shadow into splendor and rephrase my internal dialogue. My recently channeled Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck, made up of 49 variant innerGYs of Holy Spirit’s material manifestations in archetypal gods and goddesses, is teaching me to rephrase and reframe my birth mother experience.
More than that, I hope to share how working with Great Mother, Holy Spirit, soulful innerGYs inspires the emergence of the god and goddess within.

This inner work is the most important work many of us will ever do because it not only impacts our ability to

Experiential Great Mother Integration
Inner work sandcastle playshop setup

receive love, it multiplies our ability to give it to those we love the most.

Great Mother loves us, consistently conveys, communicates, affirms and confirms this. The cosmic black womb, the inner sanctum and source of all what gives us life, Great Mother is connecting with us now more than ever to help us feel her unconditionally loving presence, especially for those of us active engaged in the arduous work of healing a  traumatic birth mother experiences.
Great Mother says, “You will not defile my space, our inner sanctum, the holy the holies” and in the same breath she says, “there is no retribution, or condemnation only consequences for choices made.” She loves us unconditionally and guides us to do the same.
We are dearly loved.
~ ManifestationMuse

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