How We Channel Great Mother

We have two choices. Either our outer lives are really hectic and our inner one atrophied to the hum of crickets with occasional pangs of guilt, feat and flights of joy, or we can choose a rich, active inner life full of presence, intuitional guidance, and awareness of our emotional landscape and the outer life it reflects.

I channel Great Mother to support my brothers and sisters in making this conscious choice. Great Mother fills my inner realm with wisdom I’ve gained over many life times as a mother, father, hunter, priestess and slave. She came through to help me heal my Mama Drama Trauma in my present life to have the knowledge to support her children most detached from her love.

We are children of the Mother Father God, we too are Divine Beings in human form. We express Great Father energies and intuit Great Mother inner(GYs).

As such, we channel Great Mother in three ways:

Inner work produces great insight.
Inner work produces great insight.

Infinite inner world.

#1 – Our natural resistance to the false teachings we are ever separate from God

#2 – Our natural rage against individuals or situations that demoralize or dehumanize us as Divine Beings

#3 – Our reluctance to heal birth mother issues

Why Not Dive In Deeper

Our soul incarnated from a place of inspiration. When we identify with the ego body, our biography, outer self, or our Great Father nature, we drown the wealth of knowledge, and bypass an opportunity to enter these portals of inner wisdom and love. Instead, we identify our very being as sinful, guilty children unworthy of owning our inner power giving it wholesale to others (i.e. tribes, religions, advertisers, etc.) deemed more worthy, more wise never questioning whether they have our best interest at heart.

Whomever they may be, when it becomes clear to you, no one knows you better than you,  ask your soul, Great Mother, your inner Self, “Is it true I am worthy?” and she will answer:

1 – Yes, You are never separate from Mother Father God

2 – Yes, you manifest to express. The deficit of love you experience is equivalent to the deficit of love you express to yourself.

3 – Yes, remember, your birth mother mothers your ego. I mother your soul.”

“The purpose of any tribe is to serve our evolution of your soul. You will know they are fulfilling it if they reinforce the following:

After many years experiencing, witnessing and facilitating Great Mother’s conscious rising cures for our yin yang imbalances, fears and guilt, the true sins against our soul, I channel her to attune others to their own empowering sensitivity to the source of unconditional love.


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