Who’s the Manifestation Muse?

❤The greatest thing that ever happens to us is also often the worse. Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) is like that.
All my life I was told I would become the voice of the voiceless. Being black, and raised to have great pride in my race, I always assumed it had something to do with speaking on behalf of it.
Having healed my life of Mama Drama Trauma and now supporting others to heal theirs, I realize it allows me to empathize with all manifestations of rejection, abandonment and abuse most cannot begin to articulate, let alone feel. But, Great Mother Father God is good in preparing us to reveal in this life the greatness within us. This is the power of yin yang awareness, balancing, imbalance blame release and living in Loving Detachment.

Great Father teaches us “what to do” to express love. Mother wants us to feel “we are love and loved”. Her essential message channeled through me at this time is to those of us who have the hardest time accepting her message. I am blessed to have known I would stand for the healing of a great taboo, and to sacrifice what I thought that meant for the purpose of healing the gaping divide between MDT birth mother experiences and feeling this love.
When the Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck was channeled through me, I thought they were exclusively for people with MDT, however, in the months I’ve been using them, people of all walks of life are more closely tuning into Great Mother innerGYs (inner God You). Being a channel for people to find their own voice is blowing me away, and further proof, MDT’s soul purpose is to 1) teach us self love, and 2) the spiritual independence, necessary to evolve. Can you imagine having an angel or a guide without these qualities?

Reflecting on the lessons this journey is designed to bring, what forces us to love ourselves more than having a mother preoccupied with self hate? What life experience is more effective in coercing a personal relationship,  spiritual independence, in communing with the Mother Father God than MDT?  As always, keep the faith, get the support you need, and always know you are dearly loved and guided each step of the way. ~ ManifestationMuse


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