How to Read Great Mother 

First, countless volumes exist on the topic of how to hear from the Holy Spirit. The goal here is to simmer the main points down into a consumable nibble. I talk about this a lot in my work and on social media, so it deserves a blog post for no other reason than for me to keep it straight.

Oh, the irony. Here we go:

1) The Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine

Source energy of all life is both masculine and feminine in nature, but we experience it as feminine. Great Father energy, active and bombastic, through the word, “logos” tells us what “to do”; “the law”. Great Mother is experienced within us as a still small voice.

2) We Respond to the Holy Spirit Emotionally

All our emotions register as frequencies on Great Mother’s radar screen. The quality of resonance we emit, forms the frequency of her response. We are each unique in the metrics of our emotions, where we are and what we need for our evolutionary path. It is to this internal dynamic, Great Mother speaks.

3) Simply and Symbolically

Icons, logos, gang signs, tattoos, totems, emoticons: all simple symbols representing personal and tribal expression, are also arguably, the origin of linguistic communication.

Just as important as it is in human communication, simplicity is the key to effective spirit communication, or accurate intuition. Practice makes perfect and I use my Great Mother Speaks Deck Oracle card deck for this reason. It combines the basic elements of Great Mother symbology in such a way I feel safe, and challenged to grow at the same time. The god and goddess, numeric, chakra, and lunar cycle symbols support guidance clarification about the inner work of everyone from spiritual leaders to sufferers and survivors of Mama Drama Trauma (MDT).

Final Reading

You know the best way to hear her loving guidance and devotion to you best! May you enjoy every loving service to your soul, which includes the Angels and our guides, and the support she provides to our evolving truth with joy and wonder!

~ ManifestationMuse

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