MDT Is Not Your Legacy

Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) is a condition in which the mother projects unhealed aspects of herself onto her child causing emotional and or physical trauma. In cases where the mother is unable, unwilling or unavailable to heal, Loving Detachment is often required for the child to have a whole, happy and healthy life.
—————————Legacy means “the legs we stand upon”. Your legacy is love. The love of life, your experience of it and from it, the abundance of love you shared. Your legacy is joy.

Hathor, the Great Mother golden cow of pleasure and prosperity taught millennia of ego:souls, the purpose of life’s milk is joy. We do not need cow’s milk, but it can make it enjoyable. Great Mother loves us without condition. Everything is our own choice. In her shadow as the Terrible Mother, Hathor devours her children’s joy. Yin yang balanced, Hathor is a Good Mother, sacrificing her life for her children’s. Rituals immemorial burn a cow to sacrifice it exchange for joy and abundance.

Symbolically, joy is limitless, free and freeing. However, sometimes, when confronted with MDT, DDT (Daddy Drama Trauma), or what ever dissociates us from, it appears unattainable, burdensome and feels like your life is held hostage to grief. The yin and yang of it is knowing that as long as we are more ego:soul aligned than go aligned, we free ourselves with no need to sacrifice others.

One of the biggest challenges for MDT sufferers to setting healthy boundaries that support our healing, is having the stamina to do it. Once the time is taken to define our boundaries, we can almost bet we will survive it. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy survived the witch’s castle because Spirit, disguised as a bucket of  water, dissolves what separates her from her destiny, her very own broom (yang, assertive joy).

All orphaned, abandoned and abused children are supported in this as long as we are making steps toward our terrestrial joy trusting our celestial guidance to support buoy us. Our destiny is to have and heal MDT, if not in this lifetime then in the next. It is only our legacy if we choose to stay in Munchkin Land and not follow the Yellow Brick Road. There is so much more in life beyond MDT!

Hopefully, if you are reading this, you are on yours, and this message is for you. You are loved and a joy for the Universe to behold. We support you in your journey to your heart’s truest desire.

~ ManifestationMuse

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