Child Out of Control

Childbirth is a collective agreement between souls, individuated expressions of the Great Mother Father God. Whether through physical insemination, the labor pains of birth or adoption, when souls incarnate as ego beings in human form, this is forgotten, so be reminded: there is a difference between “having a baby” and “having a child”.

IMG_0843If you only associate your existence with its ego identity, you experience childbirth  as “having a baby”, or solely producing another ego body after your own image for your own interests, purpose and delight. This is loving but lower than animalistic love.

From birth, animals instinctively teach their young, how to completely survive without them. They are lovingly detached from their procreation much like human beings who “have children”. To consciously have a child means one knows it has made a sacred duty, soul agreement to bring another soul into the world to manifest its unique expression this lifetime…with or without them.

A child is a divine being not a doll 

As you are no one’s charm or talisman to be used at will, neither are children. Like us, they are not born owing us or anyone else anything but their presence. What there is to be worked out between our souls karma-wise, is discerned through thoughtful intuition and inspired action. For instance, there’s nothing wrong with “having a baby” as long as you know it is a disguised guide, familiar soul and eternal friend whom you, for any number of reasons, volunteered to nurture into adulthood, specifically for its soul purpose. If your hopes and dreams for the child are aligned with it and your soul purpose, so be it; if not, lovingly surrender to the adventure of discovering what it is.

The baby phase is temporal passing with each day as your soul sibling of the Great Mother Father God emerges from being your mini me, if it ever truly was. Daily their divinity is clearly expressed. Glances of appreciation and gurgles of love on a turn of a dime become cries for physical and emotional nourishment and protection which together you are more than capable to providing. You cannot make a child be anyone or anything because you did not make them in the first place. You facilitate their incarnation and support their soul’s evolution through this ego manifestation.

The only question is: As your defenseless baby grows and learns– through its environs–how to defend itself, do you note and, if necessary, dutifully course correct the ways in which the child chooses to replace you as its protector and provider? For example, if the child has learned to protect itself my lying, a skill it observed from you, when you see it do you check yourself before admonishing the survival behavior it has learned, or unconsciously ignore it? This is not about judgement. Grace and mercy are eternal. This is about recognizing and honoring an evolutionary soul bound that often manifests itself in the ordinary struggles of raising a child.

Child in control 

If the child attempts to feel safe by controlling you, it doesn’t feel safe. If you feel like you need to control every aspect of your child’s life, you don’t feel safe. You have forgotten you came here to enjoy the journey of supporting each others soul evolution and are stuck in the earthly illusion of control. This trap is a human experience when consciously observed and engaged teaches you how to balance your yin yang nature.

Most never learn it which is evident in the multiple generation toxic cycles of Mama and Daddy Drama Trauma. To end it, admit you feel out of control of your own life. When our parents control our lives, we don’t have the power we need to make our own decisions so we not only perpetuate their behaviors, attitudes and ideas, we sacrifice the nerve to pick and choose which ones we want to honor.

Without this power, we and our children are powerless to “procreate” the life we truly incarnated to live. One will never know without yin yang balance: acting on intuitive inspiration (yin) to exercise the power of choice (yang) in each and every moment. Though humanity has tirelessly tried, even insists against it, there is no more full proof way to procreate the life you want, and the one you so deeply want for your child.

Deciding to champion your own inner child by honoring your unique agreement to guide the life of another, is one of the most sacred and courageous things you’ll ever do so, please know that you are eternally supported by your child, your soul, and your terrestrial and celestial families of origin.

~ ManifestationMuse


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