The Trauma Trap

Trauma is due to emotional or physical stress so intense it produces a disassociation from one’s Spirit, the source of life. To some it appears the entire world is traumatized, so a reminder of who and whose you are is in order.

No matter how painful, just because we feel an emotion, doesn’t make our translation of it true. Inner life work teaches us how to know the difference what is and what is true for us. The world maybe burning down but are you? Depending on how attached you are to the world engulfed in flames, your translation will be different which is fine, but to be forever ruled by our perspective of an experience, as it was at the time, is the epitome of emotional attachment.

 Judgements about past events, be they yours or what you are taught to believe about them when they occur, derive their meaning from them. Being held captive to what you made something mean ten years ago sets you up to live in an illusionary box programmed to self destruct.

When companionship, love and loyalty to someone or something is prostituted to preserve these arbitrary views, identities, and values, a true sense of self, soul connection) is lost, and pride in illusion prevents one from even having a clue about what is truly the highest good for you in any situation.

How to keep your senses sharp

In fishing, you feel it (the bite) then reel it in, but in practicing presence we “feel and release”. Feel what you feel and release it. If it dies from the tussle, so be it, band if it lives let it without need of controlling it.

Survival of the physical body requires a great deal more emotional and spiritual capacity.

The ego body cannot sustain this level of transformation on its own, not is it designed to do so. It is the mirror that reflects the evolution of the soul it inhabits.

Therefore, the ego must remain conversant with its soul by learning its native language of emotions. Telling yourself the truth about how you feel conserves emotional energy allowing us more to expend in the pursuit of intuitional development, or learning the language of the soul.

Ego:Soul Communication

When we have done our part to release control over how we feel, yet in truthful surrender to soul still acknowledge the emotion exists, we open the door for ego:soul communication. Memories and deeply embedded perspectives we hold onto despite our efforts to release them, are usually issues directly related to your soul’s evolution, lessons it is here to learn.

In these cases, it is most loving and helpful to the soul for ego to detach from the issue long enough to receive intuitive guidance about how to proceed. Here are a few ways to do that based on the three top issues of deep emotional concern: relationships, health and money.

How to Detach

Great Father, the Logos, emotionally inspired action, power, strength, discipline and Universal Law guides you to: Stop expecting people who do not love themselves to love you; stop copping out of life and tune into the source of it; give yourself a chance to grow and create your own way on your own terms whether it’s maturing as an individual, painting on a canvas or procreating life.

Great Mother, intuition, the Comforter, Counselor, soul nurturer and still small voice says, “Divine Child of Mother Father God, you are more than you know. Your only trap is the one you create for yourself. Loose yourself and be happy, whole, healthy (holy) and free.”


Virgo New Moon reading from the Great Mother Speaks Oracle deck for survivors and sufferers of Mama Drama Trauma as well as those who love us.

~ ManifestationMuse

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