How Karma Works

Another Great Mother download for anyone who may need it.  This one is about karma, the tally, balance book, credit number of an individual soul’s experience at a specific point in time, and how it works. One of three factors that assess the quality, breath and scope of evolutionary experience. Dharma, soul purpose and moksha, enlightenment or karmic liberation work with karma in refining and purifying the soul for the next evolutionary round.
No one explains karma from the soul perspective which is a travesty because that is the only context it makes sense.
MDT as an example
For instance, if Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) is your soul karma to learn self love and spiritual independence (dharma) this life time, moksha or liberation from it is achieved by surrendering attachment to the birth mother as the only source of love and wisdom through yin yang balancing.
Externalities are no indicator of karma, dharma or moksha. Just because someone appears rich, poor, smart or foolish doesn’t mean they are. Here, ego judgements are completely useless because the foolish sufferer of MDT may be fully liberated from its chains, the smart completely enslaved by them, the poor diseases by its emotional bondage and the rich defined by it. MDT is the most overlooked social disorder on the planet, and as such an ideal archetype to examine spiritual principles at work in the flesh.
Soul as part of a soul group co-creates its material existence
Karma, in daily life, is seen as episodic, the golden rule, or tit for tat however, they only a measure fumes or carbon from the engine, the oxygen that gives the ego body life. Soul, the oxygen, chi, prana materialzes with an evolutionary intent, destiny sealed by its chosen, and assigned material fate it must transcend to realize it. This awareness is not necessary to achieve it, but it enhances the process.
Imagine knowing your mama, your daddy, your siblings, closest family members, most influential teachers, friends, enemies and the planetary consciousness all conspire to work your soul’s unique evolutionary calculus collaboratively formulated preincarnation for its specific intent. Imagine from this perspective, truly seeing your divinity and everyone’s you’ve ever known. Imagine being free from ego’s fate and its constraints long enough feel this realization without regret or shame, but gratitude for it and how nobly it has served thee. This is what ego:soul alignment is like for me and my clients.

Great Mother innerGY

Your karma may not be MDT, but to overcome Daddy Drama Trauma (DDT) or something else with its own karmic debt, dharma lesson, purpose or agenda, and moksha. Once aware, the important thing is to get about the work of aligning your ego, your body, and biography with the soul.

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~ The ManifestationMuse

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