Difference between Instinct and Intuition 

Instinct and intuition are used interchangeably, but mean very different things to us and for us. In fact, each have two distinct crossroads of communication.

Intuition, is expressed “to us” as the Holy Spirit, Great Mother innerGY, that still small voice. It is primary felt “in us” in the higher, heart above chakras.

Instinct, on the other hand, is gut level, five sensory, survival impulse “in us” as lower, our heart below chakras. Its communication “to us” is felt as an automatic response, knee jerk reaction, Great Father energy to act to preserve life.

Health means “wholeness” in body, mind and spirit. Therefore, not only is our sensitivity to our instincts and intuition unique, our ability to accurately interpret them is based on our individual emotional and mental health.

When instinct and intuition are confused, we don’t know if we are inspired or in survival mode, and of course we are meant to be and do more than survive. The benefit of an inner dialogue that focuses on paying closer attention to what is being expressed “in us” and “to us” is that we get in touch with our unique instincts and instinct. We learn how they work (how to balance our own yin yang innetGYs), and how they work for us too (more accurate interpretation of Great Father Great Mother God guidance to thrive!)

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~ ManifestationMuse

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