Paris is Burning Because of MDT

We can go on and on and on about the effects, outcomes and consequences of the Arab conflict, but the bottom line: it’s Mama Drama Trauma (MDT). Until we get to the root cause, we will continue to get what we have always gotten: the escalating effects of MDT disguised as the most notorious sibling rivalry of all time.

The Germans may be among the first in the west to reach out a hand to offer refuge to the neglected, abandoned and abused of Abraham’s denied children, but they will not be the last if we are to heal this.
MDT is healed by the child forgiving it’s mother or by the mother course correcting her ways, but the reason the condition is rampant. Who does that? (I have with the loving support of Great Mother, the inspiration for my life and work.) How does the child develop the maturity to do so even once she’s become a mother? Silence. How about same issue, different century: the Arab world and the western mother in mortal combat. 
This conflict began in the beginning, more specifically our ancient archetypal homes. It’s no coincidence, ISIS, the name of the most revered mother of all–  and what the world now associates with the antithesis of peace. This is not new. What I hope is new is our willingness to address why.

In this archetype, Abraham did with Sarah to him to do then kicked Hagar to the curb. If you want to start an unending feud, the first thing you want to do is treat the child of a prostituted woman like one. The whole issue is a sore spot, especially if you inflicted it!

In these forward moving times, I see we are headed back through time and space dimensions to heal where we are still broken, and for most of the world where we need to stop first is too taboo.

Rev up the guns and take cover cause shooting, projecting and disconnecting is so much easier than seeing, feeling and healing. Better yet, subscribe and come alive to what’s really going on.

~ The ManifestationMuse

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