The Problem with Pariahs

The Kardashians are famous for: self love and self compassion. It’s as if Great Mother Father God cannot blast them enough. Their Cosmopolitan November, 2015 headline reads: “America’s First Family”. Could it be because they do not make pariahs out of people who bash them, low class them, or try to recast their lives as them?

Outcasts and black sheep, or societal scapegoats as I refer to them, are the shadow of our collective consciousness, that part of us we hide, are ashamed of and fear others to know. Our shadows are also our greatest teachers and we have a lot to learn from them.

Whenever we come from a space of being willing, able and ready to hear, see and feel our weaknesses we are ready to address them. Until we can address them we certainly are unable, unwilling and not ready to heal them.
Pariahs exist to help us do that. My inner work life coaching focuses on Mama Drama Trauma (MDT), but we are all wounded in some way and pariahs remind us of that wound until we heal it. The problem with them is not that they exist, but that we do not appreciate their existence.

KardashiansHere are a few ways to appreciate pariahs:
Let them talk
Listen when they speak
Consider what they have said
Consider the similarities between your wounds/your shadows
Consider how your wound may relate to theirs
Thank them for keeping you on task to heal it
Share with them how your wounds/your shadows are related
Thank yourself for growing

Each of us are in different places, so pick whatever stage in your process fits. Better yet, as yourself how pariahs have become your scapegoat keeping you disconnected from your soul desires because we have a powerful choice to make: perpetuate “pariahs” or reassign the job of pleasing ourselves to ourselves.

By simply appreciating our own existence, the problem becomes less about pariahs and more about our own life’s purpose. Imagine if all illness, weakness, guilt and shame was looked at like this. We would all be focused on getting better all the time instead of worse. We would express more of our feminine nature to be kind, loving and compassionate, not to its extreme, but in a more balanced way whatever that would look, feel and sound like for us.

Behind all the glamour and glitz this is what the Kardashian soul group is modeling for the world, and it strikes fear, judgement, ridicule and contempt in the hearts of those of us unwilling, unable and not ready to see the Kardashian in us.


~ The ManifestationMuse



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