Thanksgiving Full Moon Message

In this reading, Great Mother speaks about the full moon, the greatest night light of all, and what this one means for sufferers and survivors of MDT this Thanksgiving.

Loving detachment is an unconditional act of self love that allows you to love another for who they are and where they are at any given moment because you do no less for yourself. What makes this scary during the holidays is feeling guilty and lonely. Ask yourself why do you feel that way, and you will discover you are not afraid of your mother, father, or crazy family but who you are without them.

Only you know what is right for you. God knows your heart. Remember, it is not what you do (e.g. showing up, gift buying, cooking, etc.) but how you feel about what you do that evolves or devolves you.

When the Spirit (Great Mother) led Jesus into the desert to be tempted by the devil (unhealthy ego) three times, it wasn’t that he could not do each thing he was asked, but he knew that if he did he would devolve as a divine child of Great Mother Father God.

What burdens have you taken up from Are you still operating by guilt and fear? Are you ready to release the burden and the fear attached to something or someone that no longer holds your heart?

First, Jesus was told to turn stone into bread, to which he said man cannot live by bread alone. The second, Jesus was told to jump from a mountain and be rescued by angels, to which he said we are not to test God. Finally, the devil promised him worldly riches if he would worship him, to which Jesus said we are to only worship God.

Being attached to earthly possessions, including family friends or even disciplines, is often when Great Mother calls us back home to our spirit.

What might your own practice of Loving Detachment, forty days and nights, or dark night of the soul reveal about you? We are called into the dark night of the soul to discover our own light.

If you are getting signs and symbols it may be time for your loving retreat, this message is just for you!

~ The ManifestationMuse


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