2016 Lines in the Sand

Lines in the sand, in 2016, are passé.

I am calling 2016 “Year of the Vice” because it’s more about too much of one thing over another.

Waves of emotion will wax so high, only the most grounded of your being shall remain this time next year.

Starting now, call it a cleansing. It goes like this: the ego garment chosen (soul incarnation), bought (true self veiled for earth experience), worn (conditioned by biographical and biological identity), separated (disillusioned to believe ego controls soul), and now ready to be washed (realigned with soul’s purpose for its incarnation).

All vices gone amok, or yin yang imbalances, will be neutralized through this year’s cosmically aligned Saturn square Neptune.

What Venus is to Mars in the earth’s solar system, Neptune is to Saturn in the Milky Way galaxy. It is also what differentiates tropical (western) from (eastern) sidereal astrology.

Yin and the yang, or Great Mother Father God is the spirit to the atom, the soul to the ego, allowing to forcing, space to time, knowing to disillusionment, the mind to the body mind, peace to war peace, intent to action, holiness to sin, progesterone to testosterone, negative, positive, receiving and giving.

Saturn square Neptune effects will be internally felt more by some than by others, depending on the health of their internal balance, but planetarily we will all be affected them as half the world tries desperately to resist this cosmic rebalancing, and the rest of us powerfully go with the flow.

Denial, shame and all forms of self abandonment and abuse are, as usual, unnecessary, but perhaps more so now as it will only prolong a process designed to efficiently and effectively occur.

Avoid judging yourself and others. Instead, focus that energy on embracing all you know to be true for you as the Universe now fully supports your doing so…in this divine time.

Speaking of astrology love and relationships, health and money are the three things that give it personal meaning.
My global reading, therefore, breaks down love and relationships into the political, health into the environment and money into the economic factors in the vice this year:

The November 2016 electoral outcome of “Trump versus Clinton” will be a manifestation of how we have internally balanced love and relationships. Bernie Sanders is more of a yin balance than Hilary and the imbalanced yang Trump represents will be neutralized by a world event.

As above or within so below or without. Global warming is the world event every being is now confronted with resolving. For the health of the planet, the Saturn square Neptune energies could churn up a major event catalyzing  resolution.
Things will no longer be the same.  Literally, how we value items and how we spend our time will completely change. What has been the rallying cry for “change” is upon us.
Cultural indoctrination still occurs through mass media which directly affects the health of our economy. Economics bean counts the mentality of its people and the healthier and more balanced we become, the more the new economy consisting of healthy families, corporate citizens, and community philanthropists will continue to emerge.
While brand new compared to the touchstone of the first global economy, the Turkish Empire, without them, new schools of thought and life would not exist.

As the water washes away the old, it will water new seeds that honor new life and new ways of living it. Yet, by no way does this indicate that in one full swoop everything and everyone will be balanced, duality is the nature of life, thus balance fluctuates with experience. It is just that it is time for a galactic overhaul. That’s all!

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~ The ManufestationMuse


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