Mama Drama Trauma and How to Slay the Tyranny of the Ego

Owning MDT (Mama Drama Trauma) is not about over explaining ourselves to the relatives. It is about overcoming the tyranny of the ego they may very well want to keep neatly in its place. Accusing others for our pain never is a soothing salve, but neither is ignoring the pain they cause. On the first point of accusation, it neither serves us or them because we end up where we started. Ignoring it only further entrenches us in our defenses and makes everyone feel weak and unable to resolve the situation.

Here’s what to do: 1) take time away from the situation in order to reflect upon it, them and you. Normally, I would say just to focus on yourself but in the case of healing relationships with relatives it is useful to consider them and their perspective and your reflection, not to lessen yours but to enhance it. When we are upset we cannot think but given the time and space we can do so as clearly as possible.

2. Next really focus in on that new perspective. Am I being unfair or am I being self loving? What matters to me most that I have their approval or my self-respect? How do I share my new perspective with love? These are questions that will help you gain clarity about your new perspective and more likely share it with your relatives in a calm and loving way.

3. Share it! Upon your return, make it your first conversation. Don’t delay because timing is of the essence. So often people go on journeys and return only to be more of the same. Why not truly astonish yourself and everybody else with what you’ve gained from the break? It shows that you have the capacity to grow, and proves you have the ability to love yourself and trust your own spiritual guidance.

Owning MDT isn’t about owning its legacy but evolving from it with the dignity of our souls in tact. That is good karma. That is love. That is living on purpose with love. That is embracing and celebrating the blessing of the lessons we were born to learn. Taking the time and space to soulfully get through them, we get to our higher dreams and aspirations because they are no longer contingent upon the approval of the tribe, or the ego it raised, but who and what your soul is born to be.

Happy, healthy, holy whole as I am, wishing you are free in 2016!
For more loving support living MDT Free and daily inspiration for your path of emancipation, visit, IG @ManifestationMuse

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