The Origin of Isis

When Sara ignored God’s promise that she and Abraham would raise many children into a great nation and brought Haggar to her husband instead, she extended that promise to the Arab world through the birth of their son, Ishmael (the ancestral line through which Muhammad, and therefore Islam was born). 

This ancient wound of Israel and Palestine is the origin of Isis.

When a mother interferes with the promise God has for her child’s life, both she and the child suffers. If she is unwilling, unable or unavailable to heal, the only hope for the child to live a healthy, happy and whole life is to embrace God’s call. 

Sarah & Hagar

One of the greatest examples of Mama Drama Trauma (MDT), Sara and Haggar’s legacy claims the longest sibling rivalry known to man, and the planet’s most persistent threat to peace. 

At some point, sufferers of MDT must learn to let go of a painful past, toxic traditions, attitudes, behaviors and rise above them to BE and speak our truth with Love.
It’s a planetary disorder

For millennia, these maternal lines have been unable, unwilling and unavailable to heal. Because their descendants perpetuate Sara’s lack of faith in God, the great promise for the people is yet to be fulfilled.


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