Bill Cosby’s Internal Battle

Here’s the spread. With Bill Cosby we have a situation where we we’re talking about a soul energy of bill Cosby that is completely confident in himself. It has been a confident shaken by those around him that he respected and he thought respected him which includes family, fans and friends. obviously not all, but this confidence has been shaken with the loss of some but it is still very strongly there from within his soul. His ego has been shaken from these circumstances and his soul is just very solid. It’s strong in knowing that all as well, that he is who he says he is and that’s it. His ego does not see this. It is struggling with this soul purview of his life. It sees a life that has been full of great blessings and that is a life that has been really, really engulfed with great love and great light, however the ego is lost and really hung up on these inquisitions questioning itself. right now, Bill Cosby is learning how to trust his gut again. That’s where the ego lives and so when the ego is shaken we have issues with trusting ourselves, instincts.

The soul is really clear and is standing clear with that but there is a meanness that has overcome him as of late with all of this and a manipulation of what is otherwise a very articulate and intelligent diplomatic man because this rudder has been broken. He is refusing to surrender to this broken rudder from his soul which is totally willing to surrender. His soul is undaunted by this this. His soul is completely undaunted by this state of affairs. It’s not even an issue for the soul. It’s not. It’s on daunted. It is great. It is ready to move on with his life but from an ego perspective, no, there will  be no surrender. He’s come out of an awakening. All of the shifting and changing in his life has lifted a veil and there is some light that is breaking through and he has been supported through this by those who are most important to him, but what he’s really moving into is this period of divine expression of his soul that is undaunted by this and he’s trying to align with this although his expectation as to how this will be done is unrealistic. It’s either unrealistic or he needs to make some really clear choices about how he’s going to seize the moment and opportunity to evolve and surrendering he is something that is not ready to do which would indicate that it’s more of an illusionary energy that is compelling him forward with where he is going with this divine expression.

bill-cosby-660The advice for him is to look at what he’s holding onto. Obviously, with such a blessed life, he’s accumulated great wealth and notoriety but he’s lost a lot of that beauty and even physically with the blinding he’s not able to see and enjoy that in the old way that he was, so letting go is really really important for him to kind of look at what needs to be released. He’s holding on to to to to this obviously the defense that he has of himself, and the energy that’s around him is very nostalgic and and is still in the greatness of what he was before all of this but the hope is steal that he will avoid this disaster that seems to be quite imminent and in some camps already decided but ultimately it would seem that he’s going to be able to maneuver and wield the skills that he has cultivated, the many blessings, the many talents of intelligence of communication and diplomacy and creativity over a lifetime of wealth as well as to have a favorable outcome. He is maintaining control of his emotions and that is how he is going to ultimately prevail. Listen to audio here and/or Watch video.

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– The Manifestation Muse


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