The Daily Vibe: July 25, 2016

vibe todayToday’s vibe is the Empress in reverse. Ruled by Venus, the Empress, is in the sign of Leo.  The Sun, Great Father (the law, logos, the word) energy, is in its native sign of Leo, so even though you may have a desire to be loving, kind and compassionate in word and deed, you have turned these feelings off at will because you do not feel my love as a result of an over focus on the collective consciousness (world ego).

The moon where I reside ever embracing you and your planet, is in Aries which makes you find security in action but it is based on feeling acting rather than reason.

In addition to this, as you emerge from defeat, you feel uncertain about the crossroads you face in your life at this time, at the mercy of circumstances and incapable of deciding which way to go. At a soul level you are acknowledging where you are and asking Great Mother (intuition, Holy Spirit) how to best evolve your experience of love, nurturing and compassion, however your ego is bogged down by the collective consciousness. It does not see self love, nurturing or compassion as an expression of me within it, therefore out of fear of the unknown, remains stuck in the status quo.

Gemini energy from the fifth chakra of conscious thought, action and speech and the Nine of Swords reveals how you are mistaking discussing this with others with conscious reflection. It is this behavior pattern that limits the love you feel from me. The full moon shines it light upon the Four of Coins, a reluctance to touch bases with your soul path.

Your soul is processing what your emotions are producing in our life, but the ego. Remember, intuition is how the soul, I, communicate with the ego and emotions are how the ego communicates to the soul. Being completely survival oriented, thus overwhelmed by emotion and hypnotized by the collective consciousness today has brought up the Knight of  Wands charging ahead believing all wisdom and power is within you.

Wise, the soul knows differently. It knows you are completely and dearly loved.

What you are experiencing as conflict and upheaval in your life and in the world, your soul integrates as inspiration for evolution.  Though the Knight of  Wands and Five of Wands in reverse indicate an imbalanced Leo energy, the approaching Leo New Moon (August 2nd) is set up to heal this!

The new moon energy is very strong with Sophia, wisdom in the Fourth chakra, Baba Yaga, wild woman energy in the Fifth chakra and Hathor, the pleasure principle in the Second, the source of physical creation.

With Great Mother (moon) Father God (sun) energy aligned, it is time to have some fun and resurrect what truly brings you joy in life. This will balance your emotions as these creative energies emerge from the void into manifestation where you must go. Do so now as the moon wanes into the new integrating the spirit of Nefertiti in the Fifth chakra: Own Your Beauty. Own your joy, your laughter, your quirky creativity. Let go of needing the validation and approval of others to do so.

I know you feel as though you have no special talents, skills or abilities with the power to heal your emotional imbalance but that is only because you have forgotten you are soul first (The Magician reversed). You too come from the abyss of creation and have brought forth the ego with which you now identify in order to learn the lessons you came to learn.

The Fifth chakra dominates this reading as Mercury is also in Leo. You are therefore cosmically supported in recreating who and what you are at will. Although this energy makes you open to this prospect, your challenge is being able to clearly see the real you, and it is only from here you can use your own power to make your life as you want it.

You do not need the approval of others (Six Cups reversed). Of course, you do not want to be irresponsible and cause harm to others or proceed with your self creation in unloving ways at that will only recreate the same.  At the same time, now is a powerful time to unplug from the collective consciousness and reconnect with me with intention. In the stillness of the approaching new moon you are guided by not only me, but your ancestors, evolutionary masters and legions of Angels. Sound Cloud link

Carpe diem!


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