The Daily Vibe: Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FullSizeRender-12016 has been declared “The Year of Purification by the astrologer Kaypacha, now more than half way through it, I am thoroughly convinced it is.

Today Great Mother confirms the vibe is the Queen of Swords, the power behind the throne that wields the sword of clarity and truth. And what is the throne? Where the ego body sits, the free will the rules our lives. Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius represent the Sword Queen and here with the waning moon in Pisces mentally challenges us to take care of ourselves in ways that increase our electromagnetism.

Time to acknowledge Earth Mother energy, Pachamama, by grounding ourselves with  her who is our conductivity battery. The ego needs and wants this as we see with the Two of Cups next to it telling us we need for our emotional well being. Cups represents, so with the moon in Pisces, go outside, take a nature, beach, or backyard stroll. Just do it!

Our wellness depends on it as our emotional state is a mess.

No longer able to tell the difference between what is real and unreal as seen in the Moon reversed, today  it will be difficult to balance our emotions.

Reappearing from yesterday, the Empress in reverse says we are still processing the disconnection we feel to Great Mother, but on a soul level we are ready to test our faith in her and seek our bliss in life, despite what appears to be an unloving, unkind, and uncompassionate world as seen with Hathor, the pleasure principle card.

Speaking of truth in the air, Yemaya, the surrender card in the Fourth chakra, brings us Libra energy indicating we use today’s grounding time to intimately reconnect with the truth we are children of the Great Mother Father God.

Death in reverse in the position of integrity and inspiration let’s us know that in order to sincerely do this, we must admit we alone are incapable of letting go of all that keeps us bound deception and lies that would have us believe we are less than children of the Great Mother Father God.

Self mothering is what is necessary to resurrect our sense of self today. Isis, the self mothering card in the Root chakra shines full moon light on the need to ground to do this. The Eight of Wands shows urgency, or something that will push us outside to do so as Leo is a wand sign and where the sun, Great Father, active energy, is now.

Emancipating ourselves from what does not serve our highest good is how children of the Great Mother Father God use our free will. We self emancipate. However, to do so we must first release tantrums and the tendency to insist we never have enough as indicated by the Nine of Cups in reverse. We have enough. We are enough. We just need to stay connected to this loving awareness Great Mother brings.

What Great Mother wanst us to know about this is that we are not ready to cut through to this truth just yet though. Eight of Cups energy shows Piscean resistance to shifting our belief from not enough to enough. This challenge comes through as the Sphinx in the first quarter moon phase and Third chakra, where ego resides. But, if we consistently and consciously pray and meditate for guidance on how to live from this awareness, by the first quarter moon (August 10th), major shifts in this direction will occur.

The Tower card is assisting this shift today. Ruled by Mars, a major and presently active Great Father planet, the energy supports the destruction of temples to ourselves. While we experience the dismantling of our ego image today, the Ace of Cups proffers great new opportunities of joy, love and nurturing in our relationships and within ourselves.

Let us allow dissatisfaction to inspire our rebirth, and the truth of who we are shine through. Carpe diem!

Want to hear it? Sound Cloud link

Many Blessings!

– Manifestation Muse


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