Daily Vibe for Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Today’s vibe is the Ace of Swords: clarity of truth is the order of the day as we move forward in the year of purification. How do you need to feel mothered today? With the moon in Taurus, we want to use the sword to protect our peace. Great Mother encourages us to make a decision to do just that!

By acknowledging Hecate, the goddess of the crossroads in the Fifth chakra, we speak our decision to move on from allowing circumstance to steal our peace even though the ego struggles with this as we see in the Death card reversed.

The crescent moon is the first light after the new moon when Great Father’s light of actionable insight is comes out of Great Mother’s void (in the southern hemisphere it is the waning crescent moon meaning rest and reflect up on actions taken over previous moon phase).

Mary the Madonna encourages us to ask ourselves how we need to be mothered or mother ourselves, so we can then specifically ask our guides, ancestors and the angels what we need to feel more loved, nurtured and comforted. Seen here in the waning crescent, she encourages us to relax and reflect on this (in the southern hemisphere it is the crescent moon meaning begin anew).

As we process victim feelings, we take action against our ego’s tendency to be out of control by trying to maintain control we acknowledge The Law of Mystery & Divine Order which says the ego will never know enough to control that which gives it life.

Synthesize what comes through as a sword of truth for you today. Doing so will help you see beyond the limitations of the ego into the support that exists beyond this world.

Great Father energy is strong to share and give thanksgiving for this actionable insight but the ego is fighting what Great Mother wants us to know because it sees the truth as a destructive force, not the creative force that it is.0727pic

Today, our greatest obstacle to overcome will be to turn the King of Swords upright. In reverse, it is being cruel, and specifically in this reading to itself. Let us love ourselves enough today to to choose to ask Great Mother Father God what we need to do it. Sound Cloud audio link

Carpe diem!

– The ManifestationMuse




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