Daily Vibe: Thursday July 28, 2016

Today’s vibe is the Ace of Pentacles: opportunity for wealth, abundance, and all forms of material wealth….but we are not feeling it to the extent Great Mother knows we are capable of receiving what is on offer. Awakening from the illusion this world is the all in end all, we have lifted the veil into the reality we have the power to manifest what we desire, but doubts about our ability to really do so linger because of past beliefs.

In our hearts we are willing to mentally and purify ourselves, but insist on support from other people in our process. However, the centering we need to do is on the Sixth chakra, third eye, soul, true self, intuitional level.

The ego wants immediate validation for our spiritual growth efforts. Having deeply delved in spiritually in the past, it has not see the “pay off” it desires. To get the “pay day”we crave, we must look at specific patterns we need to correct. Without reflecting on this, our prayers do not have the laser focus and energetic charge they need to manifest “the check”.

Self reflection protects us from making the same mistakes. Inner communication with our Higher Self, Great Mother Father God, mental reflection informed by intuition oils the wheel of revelations we seek in our finances, relationships and health: material wealth.
card today
Today’s moon is in Taurus means self protection and later moves into Gemini, communication. The victim cards shows up again today which tells me the soul has been unable to communicate, therefore co-create with us, but with the King of Pentacles as its ego card, we are willing to align. This is what Great Mother wants us to recognize and congratulate ourselves about.

Where we feel materially limited, know that it is only because what we do not see with our physical eyes is visible within if we would only look there!

Just because we feel incapable of surmounting this challenge does not make it so. Remember, we are seeing beyond the veil of illusion. Keep your eye open! (Hear The Daily VIBE full reading on Sound Cloud)
Carpe Diem!



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