Keeping Up the Good Fight

Today’s vibe is about asserting our personal power in new ways in alignment with our personal truth even though we may feel tired, lethargic, like we’re mourning the past and crawling from its rubble.

The last day of Great Mother’s waning moon strongly encourages her children to relax, reflect and, if we need to, cry. The last slither of Great Father light at night gives us the energy we need to process all the emotional work we’ve done this moon cycle before moving onto the next. The cancerian energy of this moon had us cozying up to family, partners and friends this weekend. This reading says to bring it into ourselves today so we can truly assess how we need to internally support ourselves going forward. What living truths do we need to assert our own new normal in the wake of the destruction of the collective consciousness.

Standing where we are now, what advice would we give to ourselves five years ago? Great Mother says now is the time to get off the cross of self pity, over self analyzation, self abuse, perpetual grieving because when she moves into Leo it time to roar! Hear here.

Carpe diem!



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