Baby Download

The crackling fire of Great Father sun in Leo burns brightly with the first quarter Scorpio moon, so high emotion and inspired action rule the day! It’s Wednesday, August, 2016. The vibe is fetal reminiscence when our souls were downloading emotional vibrations and attitudinal DNA in the womb.

Today, we feel grounded, loved and well cared for enough to be born, rather reborn from the darkness. First quarter moon means decisions, challenges and actions, so we are ready to “fire off” in new directions. We feel like we are here for a reason, we have come upon our season and its time to get cracking! However, first quarter moon still half moon energy, so the clarity we need to fully do so will come around the full moon August 18th.

Today, we receive a new offer, opportunity, prospect for advancement or a new venture in our lives that will address a challenge we have in moving forward with some material concern.

Since the last moon cycle in Cancer, we have rerooted ourselves in the “Law of Mystery & Divine Order” which says we must acknowledge what is.

Half way through Leo, some of us are still struggling with truths in our lives that are in plain sight (listen to Monday’s vibe on that).

Moving forward, know we we will all see and acknowledge personal, social and spiritual truths through unexpected diversions on our path that reveal to us ways we have been excessive and may need to pull back.

A truth about a betrayal is revealed but will not affect or phase us as much as we thought.

With respect for what inspires us today and thoughtful action, we pay forward vibes of balance and abundance forward! We were born for this!

Carpe Diem!

~ ManifestationMuse



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