Take It and Run

Great Mother moon moves out of hypersensitive Scorpio into simplistic and sincere Sagittarius. Today is August 11, 2016 and the vibe is, “Take It and Run”! Take the offer being extended to you, go with the flow. No need to read into it anymore than we already have. The vibe is fertile, ripe for the picking, and we want it.

Whether it’s a friendship, job, living,  working space or whatever, we sincerely desire it but fear how our receiving it will affect our family and home life. We think we are being greedy if we get what we truly want today. But, Great Mother says instead of worrying about fallout scenarios from opening our hearts to receive, we will bravely face the challenge and be surprised to find our fears unfounded.

Fully supported in our dreams, aspirations and desires, today we find there is reciprocity in our relationships. Although the journey has been long, hard fought and full of unavoidable circumstances that appeared to veer us from the prize, balance is finally being restored.

Carpe diem!

~ ManifestationMuse


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