The Sacral and the Sacred

So focused on sex, the sacral or second chakra, are we that we miss balancing yin/yang innerGYs (inner God You) is about the emotional and mental expansion of our masculine and feminine consciousness.

Earth is a free will planet–we are here to learn about free will through choice. Duality provides us this opportunity.

Holographic beings submerged in duality to materialize and experience frequencies do so according to evolutionary agendas based our own unique ontology, astrology, geography and biology.

As the expansion beings we are, incarnation allows us to focus specific emotional frequencies between love and pain. Expressed archetypally, they mean different things to different people and affect us differently depending on our cosmic calculus.

Ontology, the soul’s internal guide, designs its astrology for each incarnation with soul groups it will share geographical and biological sustenance for the evolutionary journey. This is where the sacral and sacred, sixth chakra, meet.

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