Great Mother Speaks Oracle Card: REBIRTH 

Happy Spring Equinox 🚼♈️📃🌈🌗🌸🌿Today, our first pull of the 49-card Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck, is a waning balsamic moon. It offers a moment of rest, recreation, recuperation and reflection of the previous year before initiating the new.

🌘REBIRTH: Divine Expression | Card Meaning: I KNOW & SPEAK MY TRUTH AND QUESTION DOUBTS |Narrative: “You believe me, don’t you?” – Dorothy Gale

God speaks life into existence, we speak experience into our lives.

When our perception of life is challenged by those we share it with, we have three choices 1)insist we are right 2)indulge their perspective 3)minimize its importance in the relationship.
Today marks the spring equinox in the last day of Pisces. Moving forward, what seeds of perception are you planting? The last quarter Sagittarius/Capricorn moon boosts this energy of release crystallizing the seed inspired throughout Pisces, ensuring we are now ready to act as the sun enters Aries.
After all is said and done, seeing is believing! Have a most blessed rebirth dAY!

~ ManifestationMuse (Instagram)
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