Great Mother Speaks Oracle card: Sulis Wellness

Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck


Our second card pull of the 49-card Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck, based on The Wizard of Oz, is the full moon in Sulis, is the ancient water goddess of Briton whose namesake city, Bathe, which today still boasts one of the world’s most beautiful spas as her initiates’ wishes continue to be granted. 🌕SULIS – Wellness

Card Meaning: TIME TO SCALE THE DEPTHS OF SULIS’ HEALING WATERS, AND BOLDLY ASK FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO BE WELL/BALANCED. Now, the timing is right to request the fulfillment of our truest desires with the awareness the wager is to scale the full depths of our soul in payment. For Dorothy, after running away from home, in the full light of the moon, she could see her wellness was at home. | Narrative: COMMUNION: home, a heart, a brain and courage. The travelers finally make their requests of the Great and Powerful Wizard Oz.?Before granting their wishes, Oz (Great Father) requires them to bring him the broom of the wicked witch of the west (The Terrible Mother). Dorothy is bold; the Scarecrow is scared; the Tin Man babbles and, the Lion jumps out the window!
Face up to all fears or perceived hindrances you may have. Fully delve into the depths of your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and motivations with spiritual intent and you will heal the part of you you need to fully be you, and that– up to now–has been too afraid to open its heart to you. Soul soothe it today without delay…

It is not happenstance we chose incarnation at this time. We are the original Aquarians of this realm, soulfully excited to be fellow travelers as we are created to be–and act. All is well!


Got a deck yet? Join the Mama Drama Trauma Survivors’ Support Group to learn how Great Mother is uses it to connect with those of us most alienated and estranged from Her.


~ ManifestationMuse on Instagram 

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