Great Mother Speaks Card: Ra Primordial Father

Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck


The third pull of the 49-card Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck, based on The Wizard of Oz, is the waxing gibbous moon. It offers gratitude for the diligence and determination you have shown in regards to providing for your family’s wants and needs, and evidence of how your generous soul has manifested and attracted the well-earned rewards of your goals and desires coming to fruition. For others, you have rightly used your personal will, passion, enthusiasm and joy that is inside you to express or fulfill your soul mission.

If your rewards are yet to be seen, be open to receiving and accepting your ‘good’. Remember, all is spirit before it manifests in the physical. 🌔Ra – PRIMORDIAL FATHER god of light, material reward, physical riches, father of Egyptian pantheon.


| Narrative: Just when they thought they had been scammed, the Wizard of Oz bestow’s Dorothy’s fellow travelers rewards of material recognition for bringing him back the witch’s broom.

You know you have worked long and hard, and from all appearances it did not seem anyone noticed, but you have been noticed and will be justly compensated for the work and effort you have put towards serving your life purpose.
Keep a positive and optimistic attitude and outlook and be grateful and appreciative for all that you have, and all you are yet to receive not forgetting to share as only you know how.


Got a deck yet? Join the Mama Drama Trauma Survivors’ Support Group to learn how Great Mother is uses it to connect with those of us most alienated and estranged from Her.

~ ManifestationMuse on Instagram 

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