Great Mother Speaks Card: Sphinx


The fourth pull of the 49-card Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck, based on The Wizard of Oz, is a first quarter moon in the fifth chakra calling us to speak up about challenges, decisions, actions.🌓Sphinx – god/dess symbolizing strength and wisdom; the riddler who meets the new initiate embarking on a new path of wisdom forcing them face the challenge (the truth) transforming mystery to knowledge, or die.

Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck

Narrative: Locked inside the witch’s castle and doomed to die at her hands, Dorothy sees Aunt Em in her crystal ball and cries out to her. Though she has run away, she is desperately trying to come home!(2nd time seeing crystal ball–first time was inside tent with Professor Marvel who “read her”, but this time she is reading it herself–facing what she was unable to clearly see before).

Card Meaning: A past judgment of a person, situation or event that no longer serves you, is now seen as a mistaken perception and acknowledging the lesson learned brings new value to someone or something previously overlooked or taken for granted in your life.

Even with such admission, and newly gained proverbial wisdom, the distance traveled under this disillusionment may still render course correction a challenge. Though possible defeat looms, it must be faced in order to see what you are made of in terms of your faith, resolve and ability to go through, around and above past grievances. Dissipate them all in an instant with the simple thought, “I’ve come too far to turn back now!”–knowing you truly have.


Got a deck yet? Join the Mama Drama Trauma Survivors’ Support Group to learn how Great Mother is uses it to connect with those of us most alienated and estranged from Her.

~ Manifestation Muse

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